Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Over due update! Dec 2012

The above pictures sum up our year !

We started 2012 with a Mardi Gras 7th Birthday party for Emma Reid filled with parade food and a rainy parade...beads & moon pies! 

Spring was met with finishing up 3 year old pre-school with an awesome teacher..Mrs. Sally!

We also said goodbye to amazing first grade teacher for Emma Reid-WOW...she set the bar high for teachers to come! 

A trip to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL is always a tradition for our family and the children are starting to talk about it through out the year and can't wait to return. It's a wonderful and memory filled place for families...lots of southern charm!

Later in the Summer we celebrated Kevin's cousin's wedding. Sarah & Will were married in Birmingham and we were honored they asked Emma Reid to be a flower girl. 

The summer also included celebrating Sullivan, Charlotte & Beasley's 4th BIRTHDAY!
A colorful back yard cat -n- the hat celebration! 
We played & following the sun setting a showing of The Cat and the Hat movie on the lawn! 

School began and everyone had a smooth start. 
Emma Reid has yet another excellent teacher Mrs. Griffin for second grade and is sailing along I'm proud to say with straight A's!

The triplets are really enjoying the 4's class, Mrs. Lisa has gotten down to business and they are learning so much. After lots of M&M's Sullivan has an interest in "writing" . I've resorted to chocolate negotiations. 

Charlotte and Beasley started ballet once a week... they LOVE IT!

Emma Reid continues ballet and started her second year of piano and has really taken off...she has grasp reading music and we could not be more proud! Kevin gave her the challenge to learn a Christmas song before the season and she delivered ...over the Thanksgiving break she taught herself "'jingle bells" Merry Christmas Daddy!

Everyone started soccer this fall and really enjoyed it, Charlotte however just singed up for the uniform and "after game snacks" we are now aware she does not care for it and will put our efforts elsewhere ;)

Sullivan loved soccer, however we did have redirect and refocus him on the fact that this is not a tackle sport...slowly we are getting through!

Our Christmas trees are up and our MOST favorite time of year is under way. Parties, programs and participating in the annual live nativity are some of the things that will keep us busy this Christmas season. As always we will try to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas and remind our Children through all the hustle and bustle that we have but only one reason this season happens, our saviors birth. 

"She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins"
Matthew 1:21

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Its been a while.......over a year is out of the boundries of a "while". However I'm back in the swing of things and will give a brief and colorful update....

Big kid rooms and beds, potty trained, 3 year old pre-school, obeying the first time, lizards, 3rd birthday party circus celebration, Auburn football, wagon rides, games, band aids, spelling our name, pig tails, big kid bikes with training wheels,memorizing bible verses, art, cheerleader uniforms, roasting marshmallow party, football jersey, opinion's, trips to Mobile, chocolate milk, big kid swings, gymnastics, first grade, reading, sleep overs, friends, first dentist visit, swimming on our own, cheerleading camp,crayons, paint, Manners, counting money, traveling, electronics, emotions, being a boy, choir, family, and most of all learning to be patient.

This does not cover half of the year however it paints a picture of our daily lives and what we strive for each day. These days my brain works in small short descriptions and I felt it very appropriate that a list would be fitting.....because frankly that's how I operate!

Happy New year!

Here's to a more updated 2012!